UN Logistics

we believe that high quality overseas moving and shipping cargo begins with our commitment to deliver the best customer service. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your experience shipping cargo. Our dedication to provide excellent customer service transporting international cargo has helped us build great relationships with customers, moving professionals, customs agents, freight forwarders, carriers, and many others involved in the sea shipping industry.

We pride ourselves on customer service that is based on: Excellent Communication for Sea Shipping

Our smooth and easy communication starts from the moment you request an estimate for shipping cargo. Whether you request a FREE freight quote, we’re committed to giving you clear and easy-to-understand estimates, a freight quote, and information based on all of your sea shipping needs for your international cargo.

We also know that your shipment is very important to you, and that you’ll want to be able to track it throughout the sea shipping process. We provide our customers with a unique and easy-to-use international cargo tracking tool, readily accessible from our website with your email and password.

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